Recent Projects

Below are a few of the projects completed this winter and spring.

The first is a new addition to Augusta drive.  No stucco on the front of these...just steel sided twinhomes with a stone accent wall in front and white aluminum soffit and fascia.  Nice homes on the south side of King's Walk developed by Marlin Shull.

Next is a split level for Blue Star with desert tan vinyl siding and a darker brown vinyl shake on the gables located on 43rd Ave S.

Another home for Blue Star next door to the last on 43rd and again with stone accents and vinyl shakes on the gables.

The fourth is a spec home built by Brian Green in EGF in the Peabody Addition.  It is vinyl sided with a two colors with a pvc ribbon at the gables and will have stone accents.

The last four are remodels in Minot for folks who had water up to the ceiling last year.  They were totally gutted houses.  
The four families I've been able to help have all been able to move back into their homes before Christmas.  
They all live on the same block.

The first is a granite vinyl sided home with white aluminum soffit and steel fascia at 524 17th St SW.

The second is a steel blue vinyl sided home with white aluminum soffit and steel fascia at 505 17th St SW.

The third is a granite vinyl sided home with white vinyl shakes on the gables and a pvc ribbon board...white aluminum soffit and fascia at 515 17th St SW.

The fourth is a saddle vinyl sided home with vinyl stacked stone accents on the front.  The soffit and fascia system was already in place at 520 17th St SW.